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Thursday, 5 December 2013
Hello everyone. This year I participated in the #bbloggerssecretsanta which was organised by Gemma and Tamsyn. I was given a budget of £10 to pick a Christmas present for a randomly selected blogger. My secret santa was Lauren from The Emerald Dove. I'm quite lucky because Lauren does quite a few themed wishlists so I had quite a few pointers in the right direction.

When I saw this wishlist I decided I'd get her a cute little pillow as a) I knew it was something she wanted and b) it probably wouldn't be something she expected. I was this gorgeous fox pillow on Robyn Makes Things and decided to buy it for Lauren. I absolutely love Robyn's designs and I was actually the first person to ever order anything from her Etsy store. When it came it was a little smaller than I was expecting(even though I should have checked the measurements). But it's still absolutely gorgeous and really cute! 

I also ordered a pack of sloth Christmas cards and I included one with a little Christmassy message and one of my blog's business cards. Also Robyn included the little deer necklace in the parcel as a little freebie so I added it into Lauren's present as well as it's adorable and I was sure she'd like it!

So what did Lauren think of her secret santa present?

I would say that's a success!

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