Christmas Gift Idea #3 ASDA Photo Pillow

Sunday, 8 December 2013
Hello everyone! Today's instalment in the gift guide series is something for those who prefer something a little bit more personal. It's actually from ASDA and you can order one of these in store or online. A customer came into work a few weeks ago with a photo printed phone case and my coworker Joe really wanted one of his dog. I looked about to try and find one that I could get him for Christmas but I couldn't find one that fit his phone. I decided to go one step further and get this photo pillow printed. It's only £15 and I'm really impressed with the final result.

The photo is made with a faux suede material so it's lovely and soft, the backing is plain beige suede. The image is a bit fuzzy on this one but the photo used was taken with the forward camera on my iPhone 4 so the photo wasn't exaclty great to begin with. I imagine any photos taken with a proper camera would come out a lot better. It feels really well made and I'm impressed with it seeing as it was only £15. I think these would make great presents. Even if you didn't want to get photos of people on it you could get something like a gardener's favourite flower printed on one or some baking photos for a foodie.

These take a week to make after you've ordered so get on it quick to get one in time for Christmas!

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