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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Reading Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver which to be honest I'm not really enjoying. The characters are very 'typically teenage' which is funny because I know no one like that, at all. The book I read before that was Fan Girl by Rainbow Rowell which was absolutely AMAZING. I totally recommend reading it and it's really cheap on Kindle as well, woo!

Watching lots and lots of vlogmas videos. I feel like since the start of December I've not gotten my YouTube subscription feed empty. It seems like everyone and their mother is doing vlogmas. My favourites are essiebutton and zoella. Also lots of Project For Awesome videos, this one being my favourite.

Listening to Fairytale of New York. On repeat. All day, every day.

Drinking diet irn bru. I wish I could say that I'm drinking lots of hot chocolate but I ran out a few months ago and keep forgetting to get some more. I could buy one from Costa/Starbucks but a) I grudge paying that much and b) they make it with milk and I know I'll regret it.

Loving the little things. I got a Christmas card yesterday from someone that I don't really speak to often. I was quite surprised to see that they'd left me a message inside it. It said 'you're lovely, I think you'll go far in life'. I felt like crying. It was so sweet and it's really made my week.

Enjoying baking. The Christmas bake sale was this week and I made two batches of mars bar cake and one batch of brownies. The mars bar cake went down pretty well but the brownies hardly sold so me and Stuart had them as a dessert with ice cream. Yum.

Learning to do bad ass chemistry experiments. I started the work for my investigation this week and I have to wait until the new year to find out if it's worked because it takes so damn long. I got to wear a lab coat and found a phone number in the pocket. Also been doing a little bit of blog design DIY, do you like my social media buttons? I'm so proud of myself.

Wearing a christmas jumper from Primark. Cheesy but I love it. OOTD to follow soon I promise.

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