Saturday, 7 December 2013

December Wishlist

December Wishlist

Apron / DVD / Jeans / Ring / Converse / Hat / Bath Bomb

1. After seeing Gillian Kyle's lovely designs I'm lusting after everything she makes. In particular I really like the caramel wafer and Tunnock's teacake range. I also love this

2. I'm not a massive movie person but I was dying to see The Great Gatsby. It came out in the cinemas and I never got round to seeing it because it was exam season. Which I now regret so much. I think it deserves a place in my not very well loved DVD collection.

3. I absolutely love my light blue joni jeans from Topshop so I really want another pair. They're just the perfect fit. I've actually just ordered this pair as I was writing the post because I couldn't resist.

4. I've never been one for jewellery trends but I've kind of fallen in love with this ring collection from Pandora. The red one is my favourite and it just so happens to be the January birthstone! Good coincidence. It's only £40 which I don't think is too bad.

5. My current pairs of Converse are completely beaten up after one too many dog walks. I want a nice new pair that I'm not actually embarrassed by the state of.

6. I was looking for a new beanie and this Topshop one really caught my eye. It's not often you see a bright colour about at this time of year! Lime green is one of my favourite shades as well.

7. And last but not least. My beloved Cinders. My all time favourite bath bomb, it just wouldn't be Christmas without it.

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