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Monday, 30 December 2013
Hello everyone. I've decided to start a new series here on Water Painted Dreams called 'Etsy Finds'. Recently I've became obsessed with Etsy, it's just a great place to find lots of new things. I've recently been really into 'supporting the little man' and Etsy is the perfect place to do that. So on this series I'm going to show you some things I've seen and loved. I'm starting with my favourite topic: my dog!

Batman Dog Collar - xfauxpawsx Oh damn. How I want this collar for Sam, so so badly. He could be Batdog and we could patrol the streets of Livingston fighting crime. Unfortunately it'll cost about £10 to ship to the UK which kind of sucks. That's the worst thing about Etsy. If you live in the states however the shipping cost is really good so you should snap this up.

Navy Blue & White Chevron Dog Bed - Pet Design Sam just sleeps on the sofa but if he still used his bed it would get replaced with this one. I'm obsessed with all things chevron at the moment.

Dog Bow Tie - FourFootedFashions This is a bit of comedy but if you're dog is a gentleman then he needs a bowtie!

Pet Dog Shoes - kelifastner This sounds a bit daft but they're actually very important. The salt that they lay on roads and paths at this time of year is actually really bad for dogs. It's very poisonous if they eat it. It can often get up in the pads of their feet and they'll try and lick it out. If you live in quite an urban area it's a good idea to invest in some.

Pigsley the Baconator - SewStrangeCreations I for one can't say no to a novelty dog toy and Sam himself loves a squeaky toy. It probably wouldn't last very long because he tends to try and rip the squeaky bit out but the idea is still there.

Hand Stamped Pet ID Tag - critterbling Made me laugh for so long. Sam's bone tag seems so boring now in comparison. This shop actually has some hilarious dog tags but this was my favourite.

Pet ID Tag - iHeartPets Just in case whoever's found your dog isn't quite aware that they're the Batdog from their awesome collar, it's best to also have a Batdog ID tag. It's very important that they know your dog is the Batdog.

Wolf's Bane Dog Shampoo - DarkWoodsProducts My Sam loves to get absolutely filthy. He's at his happiest when he's up to his little doggy head in mud or murky water from the burn. And quite thankfully for me he also loves a shower. I'm sure he'd smell beautiful after a wash with this. Would have to fight the bitches off with sticks, literally.

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