Recipe: Home Made Mince Pies

Tuesday, 24 December 2013
Happy Christmas Eve everyone! I hope unlike me you're having a nice relaxing day with your friends/family ie. not working. I did have a nice relaxing day yesterday and I made some delicious mince pies. It's a bit late but I thought I'd share the recipe anyway in case you were looking for something to bake! This recipe makes 12 mince pies.

Mince pies recipe Christmas

Oh and if you're not British then I should probably tell you that 'mince meat' isn't actually meat at all. It's lots of dried fruit, peels and sugar! Veggie friendly.

Mince pies recipe Christmas


400g of plain flour
200g of butter or margarine 
6 tablespoons of water
a pinch of salt
1 jar of mince meat
1 egg, whisked

Mince pies recipe Christmas


1. Start by rubbing in the butter and the flour. If you've never done this before it means that you pick up little bits of the two and rub them between your fingers letting the crumbs drop back into the bowl. It's hard to describe but it's very easy to to. 
2. Add a pinch of salt and mix through your crumbs.
3. Add the water bit by bit and knead to form a round ball of dough.
4. Leave the dough in the fridge for about 30 minutes to rest. Whilst the dough is resting heat your oven to gas mark 6.
5. On a floured surface roll out your dough until it is about 3-5mm thick. 
6. Cut out as many bases and lids as you can from the dough. Roll together the scraps and use them again to get as much out as you can.
7. Layer the bases into a greased backing tray.
8. Take your whisked egg and add a little bit to the inside of each pie, then add about a tablespoon of mince meat onto the top.
8. Add a little bit of the egg to both sides of the lid and place in on top. Pierce the tops with a fork or leave a little gap.
9. Bake for 20 minutes and leave to cool on a wire rack.
10. If you fancy, sprinkle some icing sugar on top. In my opinion they're best served warm with some cream!

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas!

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