The Cat In The Hat

Tuesday, 10 December 2013
Hello everyone! Today I'm bring you a little something different. As a lot of you will know Innocent smoothies are currently in the middle of their 'big knit'. Every year they ask their customers to knit teeny tiny hats that will fit on their bottles. Then some money from every bottle with a hat purchased goes to helping the elderly stay warm this winter. It's a great charity and as I often buy these smoothies anyway, I'm a big supporter. But what to do with the hats? My dog Sam is way too hyper to be able to wear one of these hats for more than 3 seconds. I teamed up with my good pal Sarah(please check out her YouTube channel, she makes little sketchy videos and they're pretty darn funny) to provide you with this blog post featuring her cat Ollie.

In this photo Ollie is modelling a beautiful cream hat with a very unique and interesting pom pom from the mango and passion fruit line. The cool blues and purples of the hat really bring out his green eyes don't you think?

Next up with that cheeky little pose is a strawberry hat. One of the more unique pieces from the collection, as you can see it's really bringing out Ollie's sassy side.

Forget the little black dress, this year it's all about the little red hat.

At the end of the day Ollie loves nothing more than to snuggly up with Hello Kitty.

And to finish things off we have a lovely striped number. Ollie is channelling his inner French!

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*No cats were harmed in the making of this blog post. He may look unimpressed but he looks like that all the time. That's just his face.*

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