Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Christmas Bucket List Tag

Hello everyone. I was tagged by Cee to do the Christmas Bucket List Tag and it seemed like a lot of fun so I've decided to do it. It's all about making plans to do lots of Christmassy things. The last two years I've been really busy with school work up until the Christmas holidays so this year it will be nice to make the most of the Christmas season whilst I'm not as busy!
1. Go ice skating at Winter Wonderland in Edinburgh. I done this two years ago and it was so nice so I'd love to go and do it again. Ice skating outside is definitely so much better than indoors!

2. Bake lots. I've got a few bake sales coming up so I'm in the mood to do lots of festive baking. I'm thinking lots and lots of shortbread! You really can't beat fresh out the oven shortbread at this time of year.

3. Actually watch some Christmas movies. I've actually only ever seen 3 Christmas movies(Elf, Bad Santa and The Muppet's Christmas Carol) and my friends have decided that this is unacceptable! They've given me a list of Christmas films that I need to watch. I was thinking about maybe turning it into a blog series, what to you think?

4. Finish the books on my kindle before Christmas. I have a few books that I need to read on my Kindle and I know that if I don't read them before Christmas I'll get distracted by the physical books that I get for Christmas and it'll be way into next year before they even get looked at.

5. Snowy dog walks. Lots and lots of snowy dog walks. I can't wait to see what Sam thinks of the snow.

6. Have a snow day. There wasn't an official snow day last year and I'm determined to get one. I only get days off on holidays because I work every Saturday and Sunday so I need a break!

I tag Natalie, Kirsty and Charlotte.


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