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Saturday, 28 December 2013
I've kind of fallen off the blog reading band wagon over the past couple of the months. Academically, this year has been so tough! The maths that I'm doing at the moment is making me hate maths, which used to be one of my favourite things! But over the Christmas break I've been taking the time to read over a few favourites. I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite blogs and the ones that I'm looking forward to reading in 2014. This initially started as top 10 but then moved to 14 because I couldn't pick. If this still isn't enough for you then please check out my blog roll. There are many more amazing blogs in there. So now in no particular order(well alphabetically) are my top 14 blogs to read in 2014:

Becca's Fashion and Life
I absolutely love Becca's blog because it's so beautiful. Her design is so smooth and sleek and her photos are absolutely gorgeous. I really like reading her posts because they're unique and I like her writing style. She does a series called 'This Week I...' and I think it's nice and enjoy reading it.

Colours and Carousels
Oh Charlotte, where do I start with you? I met Charlotte in April when I went to my first blogging event with her. We instantly got on and there were no awkward conversational gaps. Her blog is just as lovely as she is. Even though we have the same camera, her photos are always 10x nicer than mine. She's a fashion student and her OOTDs are great, she comes up with such great outfits. Please check out Colours and Carousels, I'm expecting many amazing blog posts in 2014.

Delightfully Tacky

Delightfully Tacky is written by the lovely Elizabeth. I'm sure you've already heard of it though because it's one of the bigger American blogs. I'd be lying if I said that it wasn't one of my inspirations. If Water Painted Dreams ends up half as good as Delightfully Tacky then I'll be so happy. Elizabeth's OOTDs are just so unique and quirky. I love the places she takes them in as well, it takes a lot of balls to hit the streets with a tripod.

Ellie's Favourite Things

Ellie is such a sweet girl and I absolutely love her blog. She has the fashion sense that I wish I had and that ability to pull everything off. I also really like the little posts that she does about all the cool places she visits. They leave me bored with my hometown and make me want to catch a train to the closest city and explore.

Gingerly Pale
 Gingerly Pale is a blog that I discovered not too long ago, but fell completely in love with. Jess's posts are more on the lifestyle side of things and I absolutely love them. Her photos are so nice and you can tell from her writing style that she's such a lovely person.

I had the pleasure of meeting Kirsty at a blogging event in September and she's a great girl. She's very chatty, funny and confident: personality traits I know I really need to work on. I feel like Indigo Buttons really reflects her well, she really is what she puts out. I love her OOTDs and after hearing about the little blogging holiday her and a few other bloggers took recently I now really want to go on one! Me and Charlotte have looked at cottages and everything.

Jess Buckley

Ah Jess. You've probably heard me talk about Jess's blog a million times, she was one of the first friends I made blogging. If you didn't know, she's also the gal behind my blog design. I really like reading her blog because it gives me a nice little feel of the American college life. She also does the best gift guides so book mark for Christmas 2014 ;). Too soon?

Lisette Loves

Lisette's blog is just absolutely beautiful. You can tell how much effort she puts into it which is really nice to see. She also makes really great YouTube videos. Her posts are always very thoughtful and I particularily like the Thankful Thursdays series she writes. Such a beautiful and inspiring thing to see every week.

Make Up Etc

If you're looking into going cruelty free(which I'm going to try to do this year) then I'd really recommend checking out Louise's blog. She's got a whole load of info with regards to who does and doesn't test on animals etc. If you're making the change to go cruelty free then her blog will really help you. She emails companies directly so I trust what she's putting out.

When I first found Mo'Adore I read all the posts. Every single one. In one sitting. Now me and Morag are like real life friends. I have her phone number and everything. Funny how things work out sometimes huh? In all seriousness, Morag is a bad ass bitch with a bad ass blog and you seriously need to go check it out. Especially her Linkables series. It's actually the highlight of most of my Friday nights(seriously).

The Little Things

I absolutely love Louise's fashion sense so her OOTDs are a major inspiration to me! She's just so lovely and has a unique fashion sense that's not too out there. What I like the most about her outfits is that when I see then I can imaginge myself wearing them. She's also planning on moving to Edinburgh soon so maybe I can grasp her into my 'bloggers I know in real life' pile. Muhahaha.

We Were Raised By Wolves

We Were Raised By Wolves was one of the first blogs that I started reading and I won't stop reading unless Evelyn stops writing! I absolutely love her beauty reviews and she always seems to find great small brands with great ethics. 


Yet another great Scottish blog. Kayleigh's blog is a really nice one. She's really passionate about using natural products and ethical clothing which is really nice and refreshing, sometimes beauty and fashion blogging can get a little bit materialistic!

Zie Darling

I only discovered this blog at the start of December but I can already tell that it's going to be one of my favourites to read in 2014. Zie's design is absolutely gorgeous and I love her illustration. She's also extremely organised, from one list nut to another ;). I really like the post she done recently about her planner, I really need to get myself one of those!

What blogs do you recommend I check out in 2014?

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