Tuesday, 14 January 2014

8 Nerdy Things About Me Tag

Hello everyone! When I saw the original 8 Nerdy Facts About Me Post on February Girl I knew that it was right up my street. This tag is all about ditching the negative connotations of being a nerd and embracing the geek chic! 

1. I know a lot of constants off by heart. Planck's constant, Avogadro's constant, the mass of an electron, the charge of an electron etc. I get a booklet in my exams that says them all so I don't need to know them but over the last few months I've just gotten so used to using them that they're permanently stuck in there.

2. I voluntarily went to a summer school. And it was awesome. We made ice cream with liquid nitrogen and it was so tasty. It was actually one of the best weeks of my summer holiday. And we got free pizza, twice.

3. My bookshelves are arranged in alphabetical order by authors last name. I tried to do it by colour once but it felt so wrong and I had to change it back. Packing them all to move was an absolute nightmare.

4.I get annoyed watching The Big Bang Theory because no way are they talking about PhD level physics and it bugs me when people are like 'I understand the science omg so clever!!!!'.

5. I get fanatical about lists and organisation. Everything has to have it's place and I'm always making lists: to do, to blog, to bake etc.

6. My calculator is called Raoul. I've had him for six years and I'd be so gutted if he broke and I had to get another one. I've worked out what most of the buttons do and it's taken me ages. Other scientific calculators just confuse me so much.

7. My favourite subject was Chemistry the whole way through high school. Picking it as my degree choice was almost a no brainer.

8. I love shows like University, QI and Eggheads. I always find myself playing along!

I'm not going to tag specific people but if you want to do this tag then please do! I would love to read your nerdy facts and spread the geek love.

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