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Sunday, 12 January 2014
Hello everyone. I thought I'd to a wee post about this lovely perfume collection from Benefit. I've not been wearing all of the perfumes so this is more of a first impressions than anything else just to let you all know what I think of the scents.

Laugh With Me Lee Lee I have to be honest with you that I don't actually really like this one. It's a very light, sweet and citrusy perfume and I find it to be a bit sharp. I think I'm going to give this one to my sister as I'm not too keen and she really likes it. When I go for perfumes I prefer 'woody' fragrances that are a bit more musky.

Ring My Bella If you're a big fan of fruity perfumes then you'll love this. It is very, very fruity and so sweet. It's a bit 'younger' than all of the perfumes in the set but it's still very nice. I like it a lot and it'll be great for everyday wear. However it's not something that I'd really wear out for special occasions.

Under My Spell Noelle This is a new scent that they've released for Christmas. I'm a big fan of it. It's very spicy but fruity as well and is a lot nicer than I would expect for a limited edition product. I'd say it's my second favourite out of the set. It's not something I'd probably buy a full size of but I'll enjoy using it whilst I have it.

My Place Or Yours Gina This is an absolutely gorgeous scent. It's my favourite out of the whole lot. I've actually wanted the full size of this for ages so it's nice to have the mini in the selection. It's a very sexy perfume and is quite musky. According to the Benefit website it's got notes of pink pepper(?!) and raspberry. Sounds good to me. If you like scents like Beyonce Heat or Lady Gaga's perfume then this will be right up your street.

This set costs £29.50 which is the price of a 30ml Benefit perfume, seeing as you get 40ml of product you're essentially getting 10ml of product for free! The only thing that bugs me is that these little bottles don't actually have sprays. They're just open little bottles you have to dab onto yourself, they're a bit awkward to use. This might have been obvious to most people but I was expecting them to be like mini bottles!

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