Newton and the Apple Coasters

Friday, 10 January 2014
Hello everyone! I thought I'd do a little post to show you my awesome new coasters. I'm sure most of you already know that I'm a bit of a chemistry geek, I'm starting a chemistry degree in September. So when I saw these coasters on Not On The High Street I squirmed a little bit inside. They're made by Newton and the Apple, I'd never heard of them but I love their stuff now. If you're a science fan then you'll love their products. I've seen a few bloggers talking about Not On The High Street and it looks like a nice online store so I bookmarked them and kind of forgot about them.

I'm not really one for the Boxing Day sales apart from online. I was going through everything I'd bookmarked to see if anything had been reduced in price and what do you know, the coasters had 30% off! I also done a quick little Google search and found a 10% discount code. So I ended up paying £8.51 when they would have been £12.95(including shipping). It did bug me a bit that they had set element pairs to pick from. They all spell out something, this one is 'OMg' but there was also a 'TeA' and 'LaDy' for example. I would have preferred to be able to pick some of my favourite elements(seriously) and went for this one because one of my favourite elements is magnesium(seriously).

I'm moving house on Friday and I can't wait to have my new bedroom set up so that I can put these in it. They're very thick and quite sturdy. I think they'll look really pretty on my bedside table. Although they're not varnished so I'm a little bit worried how they'll look after having a few cold glasses put on them. Time will tell!

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