Review: Benefit High Beam

Wednesday, 8 January 2014
I have to admit that High Beam has been one of the products that I never really understood the whole fuss around. I remember a few years ago they were giving out samples of High Beam, Benetint and Posietint in Glamour magazines and the whole blogosphere was going insane trying to find High Beams. But I had my make up done by a lady at the Benefit in Glasgow and I absolutely loved the way it looked. So after my 'free' make over, I ended up buying it.

benefit high beam review

It's a liquid highlighter that comes in a bottle that's pretty much identical to a nail polish bottle. I dab a litte bit onto my cheek bones, brow bone and along the front of my nose and cupids bow. Then blend in with my fingers. You could use a brush for this but I don't think that the brush in the bottle is all that great for blending, maybe a concealer brush would work. It can be quite hard to apply however. It's very easy to apply too much of and then your whole face ends up shimmery before you know it! I wish it wasn't so thick as I think that would make it a lot easier to use, especially for those just getting into make up.

This is a great highlighter for paler skin tones as it's more silvery than golden, I know I would never be able to pull of Mac's Soft & Gentle for example. I can't help but feel that at the moment this highlighter is a little bit wasted as it's winter. I can't wait until the summer months because I think that this will become a real staple in my collection then! You can also mix it with your moisturiser for an overall glow which I think would be really nice in the warmer months/

Now onto the downside. The price. The full size 13ml bottle costs £19.50. Ouch. I have a sample size of Benetint that I've literally had for years so I know that this is a pretty good investment but I did hurt a little bit handing over the money. This was actually a Christmas present from my mum(I mostly buy my own presents for her) so it wasn't even my own money but I still felt a bit guilty about it.

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