Review: Lush Lord Of Misrule

Sunday, 19 January 2014
Hello everyone. You may have seen this little lurker hanging about in the Lush stores over the Christmas period. And you may have avoided it because it doesn't look as fun. AND YOU'VE MADE A TERRIBLE MISTAKE. This is my new all time favourite Lush bath bomb. That's right, I said it, THIS BEATS CINDERS. IT REQUIRES CAPITAL LETTERS.

I love Cinders, I really do. The scent is absolutely beautiful. But the colour it turns my water? Well it looks like pee. And there's no way of saying it nicely. And it sounds a bit weird and petty. But sitting in a bath of what looks like pee is pretty weird.

Lord Of Misrule has a very similar scent to Cinders. I'm not going to say they smell exactly the same because Lord Of Misrule is supposed to smell like mulled wine and spices, unlike Cinders, but to be honest. I really struggle to notice a difference. This one has a super secret core. Once all the green on the outside has fizzled away, you're left with a lovely pink centre. It turns to bath a lovely deepp pink/purple. Much nicer than Cinders, no pee in sight!

So that's why I've came to the conclusion that I like it even more than what used to be my all time favourite bath bomb. It smells pretty much exactly the same and has a much nicer colour. It's a wee bit more expensive at £3.30 but it's definitely a lot bigger. If you're one of those people who uses half a bath bomb(please teach me how to do this) then it could easily last you two goes. I was pretty sure that this was LE as part of the Christmas collection but it's still on the Lush Website and is probably still in stores as well. So buy one. Now.

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