Review: Naked Detox 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner

Friday, 3 January 2014
I was so darn excited when I found out that Naked were releasing this product: the Detox 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner. I am such a slob when it comes to my hair. I only wash it twice a week. Yup. This might make you shudder horrifically if you're a 'once a day' hair washer but honestly, I hate washing my hair and I don't do it any more than I need to. I have long, thick curly hair and it's a nightmare. It takes me about half an hour to properly brush it out before I even get into the shower and then at least an hour to dry it once I get out. And once I'm in the shower? I get so bored and forgetful. I have to write on the shower door, 'shampoo 1, 2, condition' to remind myself what I've done. So when Naked offered to send me this bottle for review purposes I jumped on it. I've not used a 2 in 1 conditioner since I was a child so I was excited to see how this one would fair.

Naked Detox 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner

First off, this is supposed to be a clarifying shampoo and conditioner to really kick all the bad gunk and product build up whilst still moisturising. To stick with this it's got a peppermint & sorrel leaf scent. Peppermint? Great go for it. Sorrel leaf? Yuck. This doesn't smell the greatest. It doesn't stick to your hair too much but when in the shower it is very strong. I know I shouldn't complain as because Naked products are very natural(this being 97% natural) then I know there's not a load of crap in it to give it a scent. But surely there must be something natural that they could put into it to give it a better smell?

Moving on, this is actually one of the best hair products that I've used in a long long time. I was a bit sceptical. But now I'm in love! It totally busts through grease and product build up to leave your hair feeling really clean and fresh. So clean that I can still only wash my hair twice a week and get away with it(dry shampoo is your friend). And as it's part conditioner your hair isn't all dried out. I still use a little bit of leave in conditioner afterwards but that's more of a force of habit because I do that every time I wash my hair anyway. And the best part, it's so quick. It really reduces the time that I spend in the shower so it's great for when I'm in a rush.

The Naked Detox 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner is available instore and online at Boots. It costs £4.07 which I think is definitely worth the money and I will be repurchasing it when my bottle runs out. It's got my recommendation!

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