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Saturday, 25 January 2014
Hello everyone. You may have noticed that there's now a  little button in my blog side bar for an online store called Sighh Designs. I've been following the owner of the store, Polly, on Instagram for a few months and I absolutely love the designs that she creates. When I saw that she was offering a free pocket mirror to bloggers if they put the button in their sidebar I jumped at the chance! I did have to pay postage though so I guess you could call this an 'almost' sponsored post? Anyway, I chose the Lipstick On Teeth Syndrome as I thought it was the most appropriate. As much as I love wearing lipstick it gets me really paranoid as I always seem to get it all over my face! I think I must subconsciously touch my face a lot because whenever I look in the mirror it's smudged.

I was really impressed with the design and the quality of the print. Sometimes when people make handcrafted things with their designs on them the printing isn't great and it looks a little grainy. Like when you print a photo on normal paper instead of photographic paper, it's still a nice photo but not as nice as it could be y'know? However, the picture on this is very crisp and clear.I love the muted colour scheme, very simple but effective. I like the slight transparency on the pink border and how you can see the lipsticks behind it as well. I think that for £3 these pocket mirrors would make a lovely addition to your hand bag or make up bag, or even a little present for a friend? The delivery was quick too and the pocket mirror was nicely wrapped, I would definitely recommend. Polly also makes some great phone cases.

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