Etsy Finds #4 Crochet Patterns

Monday, 3 February 2014
I learnt to crochet about two years but never got into it until a few weeks ago until I was packing to move and found all my stuff again. Since then I've been getting really into it. I'm not the biggest fan of buying books for crafting. I always find that they contain a lot of things that I'm not interested in making. I think buying a couple of crochet patterns for a couple of pounds each that I know I'm going to use is a lot better use of my money! Here are a few of the things I've been admiring.

Adult Slippers - EvasStudio So these aren't the most exciting thing on the list but I think they'd probably be one of the easiest. Plus I think my granny would love these so I could make a couple of pairs to practise the stitches before tackling the more complex patterns.

Monster's Inc Mike Coffe Cup Cozy - The Enchanted Lady Bug This is just insanely adorable. I'm not a massive fan of animated movies but I have a special place in my heart for Monsters Inc. If I was one of those important business people that are always rushing about with coffee I'd have a cup cozy for every day of the week.

Bear Cowl - Thevelvetacorn I think this cowl is just the cutest little thing. I wish I was still a child and could wear things like this and it be cute, not weird or a fashion statement.

Shark Slippers - UniquePcrochet These are one of my favourite things I've seen on Etsy. Ever. I think they'd be a great novelty gift. I also think my dog would love to chew them. Maybe I could crochet him a teensie pair?

Monster Slippers - KnitsForLife These make me laugh and that's all that's important.

Fox Cushion - Littledoolally I think that this would probably be the most complex thing in the selection. There's also an adorable bunny version as well. I absolutely love the colours that they've used here. Once I get a little bit more advanced I'd like to attempt this with a green background. 

Caffeinated Chevrons Cup Cozy - CrochetByCarr A cup cosy that's a little bit more stylish and grown up!

Shelley Infinity Scarves - PurpleStarDust Again this looks like a great pattern for beginners. I can already do a simple infinity scarf but this looks a lot nicer.

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