Etsy Finds #5 - Jewellery

Monday, 24 February 2014
Hello everyone! I'm back with another Etsy finds post. I'm in a bit of a sulk at the moment because I tried to open my own shop but it turns out you have to be 18. Boo. I was planning on selling my crocheted handicrafts. I've started up a little Facebook group so I can sell to people I know and it's going really well. I've got 5 orders already. Maybe it's s good thing because finding the time to make all this stuff is quite challenging. Especially blankets, they're so time consuming! Anyway. I decided that I want to share some jewellery as a necklace was actually the first thing I ever bought on Etsy. I'm going through a bit of a brooch stage at the moment. Which is bad because I don't own a brooch. So now I want to buy them all. Maybe vote in the comments what item is your favourite and I might buy it! 

To Kill A Mocking Bird Finch Brooch - houseofismay Not that I like to think of books getting cut up but, this brooch is amazing. There are also lots of others ones on the shop. I love the Sherlock Holmes one too!

Red Heart Studs - onetenzeroseven I originally had my eye on a wooden pair of these but they sold out before I could write the post! I do love these little red ones as well though.

Nautical Anchor Necklace - onetenzeroseven Another item from the same shop but this shop does have some really awesome pieces so who can blame me! I love anything nautical so this got me hook, line and sinker.

Kissing Birds Necklace - T2V2 This is just too cute. However the weird fake neck thing it's photographed on is freaking me out a bit! I wish I'd seen this before I wrote my Valentine's day gift guides.

Felt Fox Brooch - UrbanOwls I'm going through a bit of a brooch-y stage and this cute little fox is no exception. It's uber cute and I love felt. Even if my dog will try to eat it.

Mint Green Studs - ThePurpleBalloon These are adorable. I love mint green, it goes so well with gold and silver. Perfect colour.

Siberian Husky Brooch - SiberianArt I'm a Labrador owner, but I have a soft spot for huskies. And I love this. It's very clean cut and 'finished'. It looks properly at home on that suit!

Poppy Pendant Necklace - DianaJewelryDesign This necklace reminds me of the plates my granny used to have. Sounds so weird and nostalgic but that's what makes me like them!

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