Feature A Friend: Charlotte

Saturday, 22 February 2014

It's been about a year since I first met Charlotte. We first met when we were going to the Zen Lifestyle Event together on the 4th of April. It wasn't the first time that I'd ever met a blogger in the flesh but it was the first time I'd ever gone to an event so I was really nervous and glad to have Charlotte there. We'd been chatting as friends over Twitter etc and had recently even launched a group YouTube channel with some friends. Which sadly is no longer active but it's nice to look back through. As soon as we met we just started talking like friends and it was as if I've known her for years. We had a really nice day with some great pizza before the event and then lots of networking afterwards. Confession: we both mutually agreed that we didn't want the champagne that we were given when we entered but were too embarrassed to tell them so we drank a bit and then poured it down their sink.

I think the great thing about meeting friends over the internet is that it gives you the opportunity to meet so many people with the same interests as you. Charlotte and I are polar opposites. She's in the first year of a fashion degree and I'm starting a science degree in September. She's a cat person, I'm a dog person. Would Charlotte and I have been friends had we met in high school? Probably not. On the surface we have different interests and then probably would have been in different social circles, you know how high school is. But because I met her over the internet we were able to bond over a love of blogging, books and Haugh Laurie. That's what I love about the internet. It helps you connect with people that you share the same interests with. I think I've always had a lot of trouble making friends. All through high school I don't think I ever really belonged in a social circle. Yes I had friends but I sort of floated through different groups. I guess I had a lot of friends but never too many 'friends'. I never really got invited to 'hang out' with these people when they were meeting outside of school and it often left me feeling a bit left out and excluded. These people were my friends but it was obvious that they didn't really consider me to be a part of their group when I did. So if anyone tells you that you can't make good friends on the internet then tell them they're wrong. Because you can make some of the best friends on the internet. Internet friends pick up on the little details that you share about yourself online. In a way sometimes I feel like my internet friends know me better than my real life friends, even though a lot of my blogging friends are now becoming my real life friends. I jokingly tweeted a while before my birthday that I would accept presents 'in the form of sour skittles and Nandos salt'. Guess what I got for my birthday from Charlotte?

As I've already mentioned the previous paragraph, Charlotte is a fashion student. Whilst I do try, I don't really have a fashionable brain. I love to look around on her blog to find some inspiration. Charlotte lives and breathes fashion. I admire the effort that she must put in looking around online, reading magazines etc. I really do think that she'll do amazing in her degree because I can't imagine someone so passionate about fashion not being successful. Just as long as she doesn't forget little old me when she's famous one day ;) I'm also exceptional proud of Charlotte for moving up to Aberdeen to pursue her dreams. When she first moved to Aberdeen she was really homesick but she's stuck with it and is now doing great. I know that when I move out into Edinburgh if I feel a similar way I'll be able to go to Charlotte for advice.

So when I was contacted by BooHoo asking if I wanted to 'feature a friend' I didn't even think of anyone else. I knew exactly who I would be talking about. So if I win you £75 Charlotte, you better treat me to something!

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