Header Giveaway with Writing In Red Lipstick

Friday, 21 February 2014

Hello everyone! I never actually talked about it at the time but I've ditched my old, purple and grey design for something a lot sleeker and cleaner. My old design was done by my friend Jess as a way of boosting her portfolio for her classes at college. This time around I commissioned a new header from her. Working with Jess is great, she's always happy to make the tensie changes until it's perfect. I thought I'd be a bit gutted at changing my design as I'd had my other design for so long. But no, I love it! The header cost me $10(roughly about £6ish) and I think that was money well spent. The rest of the stuff I done myself with the help of google and picmonkey.

Jess has now properly launched her design shop. And to celebrate we're going to be giving away a header together! The giveaway will run from today for two weeks! It's international and the only rule is that you can't use accounts that are made specifically for entering competitions. Good luck!

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