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Sunday, 2 February 2014
On Wednesday night(my blog's 2nd birthday) I headed along to an event at Rainbow Room International with my blogging pals: Charlotte, Louise and Morag after enjoying a fine Wagamamas. We were all a little unsure about what to expect as the invite was a little vague. I was quite pleasantly surprised to find that they were doing facials, nails and hair ups! We were in for a treat.

My mum's a hairdresser so this was actually my first time being in a salon that she's not worked in. It was a completely new situation for me and I was very nervous about it. My hair's very tuggy and I felt like that if I asked anyone do my hair then I'd get in trouble for the state of it! Thankfully there were lots of assistants around to speak to. From what I gathered the people dressed in white shirts with black ties were trainee hairdressers. They were all so lovely and easy to talk to. They were so polite and made me feel very comfortable. I really liked the girl with the pixie cut and orange hair(I'm sorry I didn't catch your name!) but she was absolutely lovely!

I was speaking to David, the manager of the salon, who managed to talk me into the seat with a stylist! I showed her the prom dress I'm thinking about buying(more on that later) and asked what she'd recommend I do with my hair. She talked me through everything and was really helpful but she never actually did anything with my hair because she said styling it to match that dress would take too long. I felt a little bit disappointed as everyone was walking around with fancy hair. I have to admit this gave me a bit of a kick up the bum. She tried to run her fingers through my hair and it got all tangled up. The stylist seemed a bit judging and I felt really embarrassed. I had warned her beforehand! I think this has motivated me to do a lot more with my hair and take better care of it. I seriously think I need to get my hands on a Tangle Teezer!

Then David came back over saying that he thought I was getting something done. Then he offered to do my hair. I felt very flattered as he hadn't been doing the hair ups that night. He put my hair into a faux bob which I really liked. At first it wasn't overly keen on it but it very quickly grew on me and I got a lot of compliments on it. It was also the first time I've ever had someone do my hair that isn't my mum! I was so impressed by how quickly David done it, I could never do that! I also put a photo of it on Instagram and everyone believed me. I got so many people saying how lovely it looked and then I had to tell them all it was just a joke. Oops. I'm thinking about maybe getting it cut like this for real, what do you think?

 I thought the Rainbow Room was a great salon. I'm not going to lie, there's no way I'll ever pay for a hair cut when my mum will cut it for free. But I would recommend it to people. I'd also consider maybe getting my nails done or a facial or something, who knows!

Rainbow Room International is located at 24 Royal Exchange Square Glasgow but they have various salons across Scotland. For more information you can check out their website. Thank you to the staff for hosting the event and the lovely people from ACJ PR for inviting me.

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