Review: Lush Tender Is The Night Massage Bar

Saturday, 8 February 2014
Hello everyone. I can't explain how excited I was when I saw that Lush were releasing the Tender Is The Night massage bar. My boyfriend got me a gift set from Lush last year for Valentine's Day and it had this in it. I savored it all year because I loved it so much but I finally finished it in November. The massage bars melt in your hands and can be used to give someone a massage or just on yourself like a body moisturiser.

Last year the massage bar was shaped like a little love heart with a molten centre. This year it's a lot more refined and sleek. It still has the same sweet, vanilla and shea butterscent but has been reformulated so it's a different texture. I think I preferred last year's to this year's unfortunately. Last year the massage bar was a lot softer which made it easy and quick to use. This year's formula is a lot harder and you have to rub it between your hands for quite a while before it actually starts to melt. It's still as moisturising but more time consuming. They've also raised the price from £4.50 to £6.50 which I definitely think is overpriced!

Once it's melted I rub it over my legs and my arms. These are the areas where my dry skin is at it's worse. The oils and butters take a lot longer to sink into the skin than your average body lotion/butter but they are so much more moisturising. I get really bad patches of dry skin and this works really well to combat this. I'd recommend applying it before you go to bed and have a bit of time to wait as it can be a bit sticky on clothing. 

The scent is really nice. It smells like vanilla and shea butter. There's also a little bit of jasmine and ylang ylang in there too. It's very sweet and calming. It reallt sticks to you and if you apply it in the morning then you can smell it on yourself all day. 

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