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Valentine's Day Gift Guide - For Her

So Valentine's Day is coming around and like every year my boyfriend and I will say 'Valentine's Day is so stupid, let's not do anything for it' and then we will. I've put this gift guide together for those of you who are looking to treat the lady in your life to something this Valentine's Day(and yes it's commercialised and yes you should show your love all year round). And if you're looking to treat the man in your life then there will be a part 2 up tomorrow!

Valentine's Day Gift Guide - For Her

Shirt / Bra / Bracelet / Book / Ring / Lip stain 

1. I absolutely fell in love with this shirt when I saw this. What I like about it is that it's very subtle. It would make a great Valentine's Day present but it could also just as easily be something that someone would buy themselves. And I'm a sucker for red and white.

2. Oh ho, cheeky little underwear shot on Water Painted Dreams, alert the blogging police. I'm not afraid to say that I absolutely love nice underwear. I have a really awkward bra size to find and I often have to pay a lot for my underwear, so I'm going to pick the nicest pieces possible. This bralet is sexy and classy at the same time. 

3. Now this is obviously something a little bit more expensive. I'm not a fan of the traditional love heart Tiffany's range. I just think it's a bit over done. But I'm a big fan of this beautiful necklace with the aqua touch. I think aqua and silver compliment each other beautifully and that this is a really nice piece of jewellery.

4. A cactus is a bit of a weird thing to put in this. I get really bad hay fever so to be honest I really would not appreciate getting a big bunch of flowers for Valentine's Day. But if you seen my birthday haul you'll have seen that my sister bought me two cacti for my birthday. Now I'm a big fan of cacti. So get yourself down to a garden centre and get your girl a cactus. It'll last longer than a bunch of flowers.

5. What about a nice romance novel. The last book that I read that made me feel really gushy was Amy & Roger's Epic Detour by Morgan Matson. It's a really nice story about two people who go on a road trip together. If you were being extra romantic you could plan your own road trip and give this book as a clue!

6. I know just about every girl and their mother got a Pandora ring from their boyfriends for Christmas. If I see another photo of one on Instagram I might actually pull my hair out. But I do really like these ones. I tried one of the birthstone one's on before Christmas as my gran was going to buy me one but I didn't like how chunky it felt. I think this would be a lot more 'sleek'.

7. You might not get much kissing done but I don't know anyone who doesn't love a red lip. I've been lusting after Lime Crime products for years. Their 'Velvetines' are lipglosses that try matte. They look absolutely gorgeous and red lip suits any skin tone. This would get you in the good books. Big time.

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