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Sunday, 16 February 2014
I don't think I was really aware of just how many brands use animal testing on cosmetics until I started beauty blogging. Shortly after I started blogging I became friends with Louise, and her cruelty free make up blog really opened my eyes to the reality of it all. I rather naively thought that animal testing was mostly used for medicinal purposes but the reality is that there are more cosmetics companies that test on animals than those that don't. Not only that but if a company sells their cosmetics in China, they have to pay the Chinese government to carry out tests on their cosmetics as it's required by law there. I think the recent European band on animal testing has given a lot of people the false sense of security that if they buy something it can't have been tested on animals when the reality is that it has been.

When I first read the 'naughty list' as Louise calls it I was downright amazed by how many popular brands tested on animals. I really do think it's extremely unnecessary. I mean, why do Chanel need to test on animals?! I'm sure there are hundreds of people who would happily accept free Chanel to be test subjects. I started actively avoiding cruelty free brands but I didn't want to go out and say directly that I was going cruelty free because it felt like a big commitment. It was easy enough to slink past Rimmel and Maybelline in my local Boots but where I really tripped up was high end make up. The Mac counter was often just too tempting and I found myself walking away with a lipstick. It's time to stop selectively buying make up that's tested on animals and start stepping up and taking responsibility for my actions. If you aren't part of the solution, you're part of the problem. And I'm deciding that I don't want to be a part of the problem any more. 

Really the last straw for me was when I got my dog. I just couldn't imagine any harm ever coming to him. And then on Christmas eve he was very viciously attacked by another dog. The dog bit his face about a centimetre from his eye, clamped on and wouldn't let go. The wound got infected and his face swelled up to about half it's size. A massive abscess formed and then burst which has left him with a big bald patch on the side of his face. Thankfully he's fine now but we were not able to track down the owner of the dog. But it made me realise that a lot worse was happening to animals as a result of the beauty industry but these animals did not have homes to look after them. I'd been umming and ahhing over going cruelty free but I had a bit of a 'wishlist' that I wanted to get out of the way first. But then I was like 'Hayley wake the fuck up, it's only a lipstick'. So I'm doing it. As of this post I'm not going to buy any more cosmetics tested on animals. I haven't for a very long time but I wanted to review some products that I got as Christmas gifts first. So I guess you could refer to this as a New Year's resolution even though I didn't make any official ones this year.

For reference I'm going to be using the 'naughty list' and list of cruelty free brands that Louise has on her blog. I really trust these lists as Louise has put a lot of time and effort into compiling them. Obviously I'll do my own research if a brand I'm considering buying from are not on this list, I might even start my own! I'm not going to stop wearing the make up that I already own that is tested on animals, if anything  I'm going to try my best to use it all up so that I can replace everything with a cruelty free alternative. If these products ever appear in a fotd or an empties post then I'll leave a little disclaimer.  I thought about using a little '*' but I know that a lot of people use this to disclose press samples and I don't want to cause any confusion. For now I'll stick to a written disclaimer but if you have any ideas then please let me know.

Also please let me know if you would like to see a post maybe around June/July where I talk about how easy/hard I've found it.

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