Week In Photos #61

Sunday, 23 February 2014

 New wax tart / Selfie / Snow!

Valentine's day selfies / Cute crocheted bow / Scary stuff

Hello everyone. It's only been two weeks since I last wrote one of these posts and I feel like I have so much to say. I've been a busy bee! First off I got my prelim results back, I got 76.5% in physics and 80% in chemistry. I'm very pleased to say the least! I still have my maths one on the 7th of March(3 hours after school on a Friday -sob-) and that will be the real challenge. I've also been working like crazy on my investigation reports. For advanced higher sciences you have to conduct your own investigation and produce a report which is marked by the SQA. They count towards 1/5th of your final grade so they're pretty important. The chemistry one isn't that bad because it's only a couple of thousand words but the physics one is normally about 30 pages long. I've spent hours on my one already and I'm still nowhere near finished. It's due on Friday, wish me luck!

I've also set up my own wee business(kind of)! I've started selling crocheted things to friends and family over Facebook. I've called it The Crocheting Chemist and you can give it a like if you want to! I tried to set up an Etsy but you have to be 18 so I'm going to wait until next year. If you'd like something though I would be willing to post it to you and receive payment via paypal or in the form of an Amazon/Etsy gift card! I've had so much fun getting everything made! So far I've sold a blanket, two hats a scarf and an earwarmer. In under two weeks! Everyone seems so pleased with what I've made which makes me really happy.

Oh and I've ordered my prom dress. I'm so, so, so excited for it to arrive but really nervous at the same time. I hope it looks exactly like it does in the photos. I don't want to talk too much about it because I want to keep it a bit of a secret(I have Google Analytics, I know that you home town readers do a lot of creeping) until the night. But I will say that my theme is 'Grecian' so if anyone sees any nice hairstyles then please send me some photos as I have no idea what I want to do with my hair! I've also applied for my uni accommodation. I don't think it's quite hit me yet that I'll be moving out come September.

I think that's everything! If not I'll come back and add it in later. How's your week been?

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