Edinburgh Science Festival Event

Saturday, 29 March 2014
 Hello everyone! As a few of you may have seen on Instagram this week I readed along to the Edinburgh Science Festival's bloggers event. I'm a huge chemistry geek so when I heard about this event I was really excited! I met up with a few bloggers for dinner at Clerk's Bar(so, so good) before heading along.

We arrived a bit late and sneaked into Barney's beer where some of the festival's beer was being sampled. I'm not a big fan of beer at all so I politely declined but everyone else seemed quite fond of it! From there we moved into Summerhall for the first 'experiment'. We were to extract DNA from stawberries and make a daiquiri. Extracting DNA from kiwi's is actually an experiment from the higher human biology course that I missed back in the day because I was on holiday! I really regretted missing out on that so it was awesome to get the opportunity to do it! To do so we squished up some strawberries in a ziplock bag and then added pineapple juice. We then poured this into a little shot glass filled with ice cold rum. The combination of the cold and the alcohol solidifies the DNA and you can see it floating around in the drink. Everyone seemed to think that the shot tasted of potatoes which was a bit weird! This was really cool. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get any good photos of this, they all came out blurry!

Now onto my favourite part. Liquid nitrogen sorbet. I've made liquid nitrogen ice cream twice before and it is so, so good! It makes the smoothest sorbet I've ever had. The flavours I tried were apple juice and raspberry, prosecco and strawberry and beer and orange. Most of us weren't found of the beer and orange flavour but the other two were delicious. They should make it in batch and sell it, I'd buy some! After that we just had a little buffet and sat around chatting for a while. I had to leave to get the train home quite early but it was a great night and a big thank you to everyone who organised the event!

 Since attending the event I've booked tickets to see Peter Higgs talk at A Conversation With Peter Higgs: Close Up. As in Peter Higgs of the Higgs Boson particle. As in the 2014 winner of the physics Noble Prize. I AM FANGIRLING SO HARD RIGHT NOW. It's going to be epic! I also really fancied the Lady Scientists Snitch n Bitch but it runs too late for me to be able to get a train home from so I can't go, which sucks! For a full list of all of the events on click here, I'd really recommend trying to get to at least one thing!

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