Etsy Finds #6 - Prints

Monday, 10 March 2014
I'm finally starting to feel settled in at my new house. The thing is, my bedroom walls are plain white. I'm looking for some nice things to brighten it up and make it a bit more 'me'. So this time I'm looking at prints. All of these are either prints or downloads that you can then print off yourself. What's your favourite?

Scotland Type Map - boldandnoble As soon as I saw this print I loved it. I always get this weird feeling of pride when I see things about Scotland on the internet. It's a bit weird. Although my hometown on this seems to be in the wrong place, or at least covers a lot of area where it isn't.

Set of Two Octopus Prints - NauticalNell I love octopuses(the plural of octopus is not octopi) so this print is a no brainer for me. When I done art in high school one of my final pieces contained a lot of octopus drawings. I love the split colour effect of this, it's so cool.

Quote Print - PrintableWisdom I think this is a great quote and the font is just so cute.

Periodic Table - PrintDesignLab I've actually been meaning to get myself a periodic table poster for when I'm too lazy to get out my data booklet if I'm doing work at home.

Big Bang Theory Quote Art - AllTheBestQuotes I love The Big Bang Theory so this would just be perfect!

Colourful World Map - WaterColorPrint This is just beautiful. I love all the different colours and the dripping water colour effect. It looks great!

Typographic Print - paperchat I'm a big fan of science jokes, this one's a bit over done but I still think it would be great. Plus nearly everyone would get it so it would become a nice talking point.

Do More Than Exist - ASpringBear I think this is just a great quote. I think I'd find it so motivational to have this in my house. It would be a great thing to read on your way out the door in the morning.

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