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Sunday, 2 March 2014

I'd been feeling a bit fed up with  my glasses. I felt that they were kind of frumpy and just weren't 'me'. I've always thought that I look more attractive when I'm not wearing glasses. It got to the point where I was starting to resent putting them on every morning. I've tried contact lenses but my eyes are quite sensitive and I just didn't get along with them. At my budget, I just couldn't afford to buy myself a new pair of fancy glasses from Specsavers or Optical Express or wherever. I'd seen a few blog posts about Firmoo and they seem to be in the lead for selling glasses online.

I decided to go for these cat eye frames as I wanted something different and more 'me'. ANd I love a bit of vintage flare! Brown isn't a colour I'd usually go for but I thought they'd help soften my face. I used a discount code(WELCOME20) to get 20% of the glasses and free delivery so I paid roughly about £17 for the glasses. It took about a week for them to be made and shipped to me. Seeing as they come from China I was really pleased with that. I've waited weeks for parcels from China before. Then I tried them on and I couldn't see through them, the prescription didn't match the one in my current glasses. After emailing Firmoo I found out that the fault was actually on my end and that I'd misread my prescription. I was pretty gutted as it has seemed to easy to read at the time. Normally Firmoo don't refund or remake glasses if the prescription fault has came from the customers end but they struck a deal with me in that they'd send me a new pair of glasses if I blogged about them. I'm not entirely sure if this counts as a pr sample or not so I'm leaving that up to you as a reader to decide. I've since donated the incorrect pair of glasses in a local opticians so hopefully they will help someone! 

The glasses are really nice. I've had a lot of compliments on them, something I rarely got wearing my old pair of glasses. They really compliment my face shape(if I do say so myself) and I feel so confident wearing them about even if they are a bit 'out there'. The frames are made of plastic so not exactly the sturdiest of the glasses but at the price you're paying you can't exactly expect frames made of platinum can you? The size is pretty spot on which is something than I was a bit worried about buying glasses online where you can't try them on. They include two different glasses cases(one sturdy and one is a softer cases that I'd call a sunglasses case), a cleaning cloth and a little service repair kit in with you glasses. I really like those wee added extras.

I'm not sure if I'm just being paranoid but when I first started wearing these glasses I think they gave me headaches. I think it's because they're a lower quality lens than I'm used to, either that or it's something to do with me having astigmatism. So I usually keep them as 'going out glasses' rather than all day every day glasses. Now they seem to be ok but I still don't like to wear them for long periods of time. That being said, I think I'm going to buy myself a pair of prescription sunglasses from them. I really need a pair but I don't want to spend a lot of money on them as being in Scotland means I don't get a lot of sunshine. I'd recommend Firmoo if you have a low prescription or don't wear your glasses all the time but if like me you wear your glasses all the time then you really do need a good pair of glasses from an opticians. These are more 'fashion glasses' to me than full timers. That being said I am really happy with how they look and thankful that Firmoo replaced them for me!

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