Models Own Hyper Gel in Blue Glint

Monday, 17 March 2014
Hello everyone. I've now gotten around to wearing all of my new Model's Own Hyper Gel polishes so I feel like I'm well enough informed to give a full review/general NOTD. I'm starting with my favourite Blue Glint.

The Hyper Gel collection is supposed to give the same effect as a gel manicure without all the removal hassle/nail damage. Kind of like the Barry M ones. The polishes have a much thicker consistency and two coats give a slightlty raised feeling to the nail. They are also super smooth and shiny. I really like how they look on the nails. I think I get about a week out of the polish before any bad chipping occurs. Of course there's a little bit of tip wear but if you aren't too fussy about having perfect nails all of the time then you'll like these. I found that my red one chips a lot faster although I'm not sure why that might be. I'm a big fan of shellac nails and this doesn't really compare, but it's still a nice alternative.

Blue Glint is my absolute favourite nail polish colour for summer now. It's absolutely gorgeous! It's so bright and happy. It's the colour of a blue sky. It's lovely. I bought these during a 50% off sale so they were £2.50 each. At this price they're absolutely amazing! I probably will buy more at £5 though. I would like to see a wider colour range however. I think a burgundy would be amazing for autumn/winter. Thinking ahead!

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