Reasons Why I'm a Feminist

Saturday, 8 March 2014
Hello everyone. As I'm sure most of you already know, today is International Women's Day. To celeberate I thought I'd write a blog post about why I consider myself to be a feminist. I don't think there's actually ever been a time where I've not considered myself to be a feminist. I think that when I was younger and discovered feminism as I was growing up I just automatically went 'yeah, that's me' and got on with it. In the last few years I've noticed a big difference with regards to feminism. Before feminism used to be a bit of a 'dirty' word and I think a lot of people were afraid to reach out and embrace it. Now, I see a lot more women, and men, declaring that they're a feminist. Which is great because feminism is awesome. You should never be afraid to consider yourself as someone who believes in equality because that is a beautiful, beautiful thing.


I'm the only girl in my physics class. And whilst my physics class is great because all of us have similar interests and get on well, I do wish that more girls had taken physics. I can't help but feel that it's because there is that ingrained belief that physics is a 'boy science'.

There are also more males than females in my all of my other classes. Women are extremely under-represented in STEM subjects and it's hard to ignore that when you can see it in reality.

I like to pay for myself when I go on dates and I don't appreciate sarky comments from waitors/waitresses. Are we really still stuck in a world where a woman, who works and earns her own money, cannot buy herself dinner or a cinema ticket every now and again? Or that a man who loves and respects his girlfriend is looked down upon for allowing his girlfriend to buy her own things? Really? Sure me and Stuart will go for dinner and occasionally he will pay for it but in the same way that I also will occasionally pay for it. And don't try and tell me that men won't let you pay because they're 'raised right' because there are so many things wrong with that that I don't know where to start.

I'm sick of shit like this:


Because a woman can do whatever she wants with her boobs, because they're her boobs. Funny that.

I'm 17 and two weeks ago a man old enough to be my grandfather slapped my ass at work, twice. And when my boss pulled him up about it he insisted that he didn't mean it in a 'pervy way'. 

I'm pro choice. Whilst I'm lucky enough to live in a country where abortion isn't considered to be a total atrocity, in many countries it is still illegal for a woman to exercise her right to choose. And I will not stop fighting for those women.

I like to wear make up, bake and crochet. This does not make me any less of a feminist. Feminism lets me do whatever I want, whether that involves fitting gender stereotypes or not.

I don't want to take someone else's last name if I marry them. To me it symbolises being owned by your husband, as if you're their property. I am nobody's 'property'. That beings said, I do respect women who choose to. Because I'm in favour of women having a choice.


I don't shave my legs. There's a wild and radical notion right there. Does my boyfriend care? I don't know. Because he doesn't get to decide what I do with my body, just like I don't get to decide what he does with his.

I also don't want to have children. Yes I'm young and I may change my mind about this. But at the moment I do not imagine a future for myself that involved children. I would like that to be respected.


So happy International Women's Day everyone, make it a good one!

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