Restaurant Review: Phoenix-1 Livingston

Sunday, 16 March 2014
Hello everyone. Today I'm going to be reviewing my all time favourite restaurant. I've been toying with the idea of reviewing it for ages. On one hand it's not in Edinburgh or Glasgow so I know this won't be as helpful to people but on the other hand I know a lot of people from my home town do read my blog so it would be nice to give out some advice to them. What do you think? Would you like to see more restaurant reviews from Livingston or should I just stick to Edinburgh/Glasgow?

Phoenix-1 is a Chinese restaurant/takeaway located in Hawk Brae, Ladywell West. It's pretty much my family's go to place when we eat out. Especially my granny, I think they instantly recognise her as the 'chilli squid woman'. Whenever I mention it to people they always comment that it looks really empty when they drive past which is kind of true. You can see that the place mostly survives off of takeaways. However, the restaurant being quite quiet is actually a mega bonus, you never have to wait too long for your food and you get some quality service from the staff. Sunday-Thursday evenings they have a tapas menu where you can get 3 dishes for £7.90 along with a side portion of rice or chips. This is where Stuart and I decided to go for our little date night. I ordered barbecued spare ribs, crispy shredded beef and chicken curry. Stuart got the prawn toast, crispy shredded beef and chilli and salt chicken.

Crispy shredded beef is an all time favourite of mine and was delicious as per usual. The ribs were really tender and the sauce they're served with is absolutely beautiful. I have to admit I wasn't overly keen on the chicken curry, something about the sauce was just a little bit too sweet but Stuart liked it and had no problem finishing it for me... He really enjoyed his food as well and I had a little bit of food envy over the chilli and salt chicken. You know when you order something and then realise you'd rather have what the other person is having? Yeah, that.

I'd also recommend their chilli and salt squid, crispy duck and pancakes and chicken fried rice as well. If you're ordering off their regular menu you're looking at around £35 for a two course meal for two including drinks. I'd easily spend that at somewhere like Wagamamas and the food here is so much better. I'd definitely recommend checking it out if you're in Livingston any time soon.

My date had such great table manners!

Sorry about the blurriness of the photos. Something about restaurant lighting means I just can't take decent photos.

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