Sunday, 23 March 2014

The Furry Friend Tag

Hello everyone! As I'm sure you already know, I'm the very lucky owner of the most wonderful little(big) chocolate labrador. When I saw the Furry Friend tag on Nuala's blog I knew that I just had to do it. Like I need another excuse to talk about my dog?

What is your pet's name?
Sam but he also answers to Batdog.

When did you get Sam?
31st of March 2013, almost a year ago.

What is something that Sam does that annoys you?
He whines, like a lot. As soon as you get up he's whining to go for a walk but then when you take him for a walk he starts whining like crazy as soon as he gets back in. He also mooches for food and I hate those puppy dog eyes.

What type of breed is Sam?
Sam is a chocolate labrador retriever.

Has Sam ever had a near death experience?
No but he was attacked by another dog just before Christmas and that was very, very scary.

Does Sam know any tricks?
He can sit, give a paw and beg. He also does this thing where if he's lying down and you make a gun with you hand and say 'bang' he pretends he's been shot. It's pretty awesome.

Does Sam like to snuggle?
Kind of. He can be pretty indecisive and doesn't really stay in the same place for long. He does sleep in my bed sometimes though.

Where did you get Sam?
We adopted him from his previous owners.

Does Sam get along with other dogs?
Sam if anything, is too friendly with other dogs. He normally bugs other dogs because he's sniffing at them too much and just wants to play. We don't let him off the leash with other dogs unless they're bigger than him/very excitable.

Does Sam get along with strangers?
Sam gets along with anyone who will give him biscuits.

How much does he weigh?
33kg of pure Batdog muscle.

Do you ever dress Sam up?
Sometimes I put my scarf on him for a laugh? But no, he doesn't have any proper costumes or anything.

Has Sam ever tried to run away?
Sometimes when on a walk he'll catch the scent of something and just bolt. He always comes back.

How did you come up with his name?
We didn't, he came pre-named. 

On a scale of 1-10 how much does Sam mean to you?

Please, please do this tag if you haven't already. I love hearing about other people's pets!

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