Week In Photos #62

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Baby blanket / New necklace / Speccy Selfie 
Blog demographics / My friend's 18th / Crocheted scarf
New earrings / Breakfast / International Women's Day

Eugh. It's been a long, long week. On Friday night and Saturday night I had two parties in a row and I think it just completely exhausted me. I then was sick(not in anyway alcohol related) and then my sister passed me a viral throat infection. So I've pretty much spent the whole week in my bed feeling sorry for myself. Apart from when I had to go in to do my maths prelim. Who schedules a 3 hours maths exam, after school, on a Friday? WHHHHHHHHHHHY? 

In the end the maths exam wasn't actually too bad but I'm a little bit worried about how quickly I finished it. I've also had the weekend off work for the first time since October so it's been nice just chilling and not having to really worry about anything. Here's hoping next week is a better one!

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