What's In My Bag? Spring Edition

Wednesday, 5 March 2014
Hello everyone! It's been a good couple of weeks since I last wrote a what's in my bag post so I thought it was about time I done an updated version. My new bag is considerably smaller than my last one so I've had to 'condense' what I carry out with me, which was actually quite the challenge.

My new bag is this one from ASOS. It was £30(or £27 with student discount) and I have to say I'm not overly impressed with the quality of the bag. On one of the pockets inside the stiching has come loose and the outside of the bag scratches really easily. I've only had it a month and managed to get a big scratch down the front of it! I still really love the look of the bag and I get a lot of compliments but I would be wary about buying another bag from ASOS. It's also available in black, white and baby blue. I think the white would have been a better decisions as the scratches wouldn't show up as much.

I'm not one of those people that's overly attached to their technology but I do like to have my phone on me at all times. I very rarely use/check it when I'm out and about unless I'm walking in which case I'll probably be listening to music. I'm really loving Paloma Faith's new single, Can't Rely On You which is perfect for walking around pretending that I'm sassy.

I also like to have some lip products with me. I really love the Nivea Raspberry Rose Lip Butter because it smells absolutely delicious, like Fruitella. I also normally have some lipstick on me. At the moment it's Mac's Russian Red. I know it's not cruelty free but I bought it before I stopped buying make up that's tested on animals so I'm still going to use it until it's finished. This is probably my favourite lipstick ever so if anyone knows of any dupes then let me know.

I always seem to have a few bobbles and kirby grips floating around in the bottom of my bag as well. I'm not exactly the best at styling my hair but I can fix up a half decent ponytail/bun if need be.

My new love, my purse. It's from Accessorize and you can see a full post about it here. I absolutely love the colour of it and it's perfect for spring. It's big enough that it can fit everything I need and it's quite slim so fits into my bag really well.

Another no brainer is my keys. Stuart's mum bought me the little Converse key ring when they were on holiday. The Juwel key ring was on the key I was given for the shop I work in so I just keep it on there. If I took it off I'd probably lose it and then finding it when I have to hand the key back in would be too much effort. I also have the key rings for my library card and my The Works loyalty card.

I also have a pocket mirror from Sighh Designs. I use this for fixing my hair and make up and it's just the cutest little thing ever. I love the design and 'lipstick on teeth syndrome' is totally me.

I'll more than likely be carrying a book with me. At the moment I'm reading Unwholly by Neal Shusterman. I'm not actually enjoying it very much, especially not as much as I liked the first in the series. I find carrying a book with me means I find more opportunities to read through out the day. The odd 10 pages here and there really do add up.

I also carry a bottle of water with me at all times. I started doing this about a year ago to motivate myself to drink more water. Now if I forget my bottle of water I find myself getting headaches because I'm not drinking as much. I just use the one bottle and keep refilling it until I feel the water starts tasting plasticy. I really want to invest in a nice reusable water bottle but I'm not sure which one to go for.

What do you carry with you in your bag?

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