6 Things To Clean Out This Spring

Friday, 18 April 2014

Ah. It's that time of year again. The time of year when the sun comes back out. It shows up all the dust and forces you to clean everything. Damn it. I recently went on a bit of a spring cleaning binge, I was sorting clothes out for a blog sale, rearranging my bookshelf and cleaning my room so I could post a room tour. It gave me a bit of inspiration. This is a blog post with some ideas for little things that you can do that will make a big difference!

1. Your wardrobe.
It's the obvious place to start. I don't know about you but every time I go through my wardrobe there are pieces that I know I never wear but I keep anyway because I'll wear it with x, y and z. And you know what? I never do. If you can't remember the last time you wore something or it was over a year ago then it's probably time to go. Send it to a charity shop or try and make yourself some money by selling it. Try a blog sale or stick things on Ebay. 

2. Chargers.
I recently went through the technology drawer and found chargers for phones than I don't even have anymore. Why do I have these? I also found one of the really old iPod chargers. You know the ones you used to have to hold in at the sides to release? Ah. Memories. Pass them on to people who need them or just throw them away. I also like to tie mine up with hair bobbles so that they don't get tangled or take up too much space.

3. Your email subscriptions.
I woke up to 9 emails the other day. 1 was about a comment left on my blog and the other 8 where all emails from online shops offering me sales and discount codes. And I get this all the time. I swear BooHoo constantly has some kind of deal on. But I've been unsubscribing myself from all these emails and it's so much nicer and decluttered. And I'm not spending as much. Win win.

4. Your sock drawer.
Unsurprisingly the sock fairy has stolen lots of my socks. Leaving me lots with no pairs. You're getting chucked in the textiles bank odd socks. Deal with it.

5. Under your bed.
Things just get shoved under my bed and forgotten about. I also now have an overflowing wool collection and I need to clear some space under my bed to fit that in. I'm also going to be throwing out all the little things I keep but don't use. AKA the giant bubble wand. Ok maybe I could use that first.

6. Your laptop.
My laptop seems to me some sort of dirt magnet. I'll be dusting mine off, cleaning between the keys and I'm going to try and take the battery out and get out any dust. And lets not forget about the files. Reorganise everything into folders and delete what you don't need. And back everything up! I think I'd cry if I lost everything on my laptop.

What are you cleaning out this spring?

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