Glasses Problems

Monday, 28 April 2014

Getting in the shower and not realising you've forgotten to take your glasses off until they steam up.

"You look so much prettier without glasses on." Great.

Putting your glasses down in a different place than usual before you go to bed and not being able to find them in the morning.

Babies and glasses. It's cute to everyone that doesn't have to pay to see.

Spending lots of time on your eye make up to realise that no one is going to notice it anyway.

Having to put contacts in to do your makeup and then take them back out again if you're wearing glasses that day.

Opening the dishwasher after it's just finished and not being able to see because the heat steams up your glasses.

Accidentally putting your contact lenses in the wrong eyes.

When your eyes deteriorate much faster than the two years the NHS give you for an eye test. You get treated like a criminal when you suggest you might need one a bit sooner.

Having to pay a stupid amount of money for a pair of prescription sunglasses or having to wear sunglasses and your usual glasses and looking like an idiot.

Trying to take a selfie without getting the reflection of your phone screen in your lenses.

"Can I try your glasses on?" Wow you're so blind.

When it's winter and every time you enter a building your glasses steam up.

Not being able to wear your glasses when you have hair dye on because it'll stain the frames.

When Specsavers gave free glasses to bloggers that don't wear glasses...

When you're buying new glasses and trying them on. Oh wait I can't even see what these look like on me.

"Boys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses." Oh fuck off.

Falling asleep whilst wearing your glasses. Ow.

Losing the little cleaning cloth for your glasses.

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