Review: Lush Brightside Bubble Bar

Saturday, 5 April 2014
Hello everyone. I recently reviewed the Lush Bunny bubble bar and to be honest I was less than pleased with it. So let me introduce you to the Easter bubble bar that I'm really impressed with. Brightside. It takes on the size and shape of the comforter but has a really fresh, fruity scent. I've never really been a fan of the comforter's scent so it's good to finally find a 'big un' that I can use. This bubble bar retails at £4.50 which is pretty expensive for one bubble bar. However, it is absolutely massive and I got 3 baths out of this. It's huge!

The scent of this bubble bar is so refreshing, very fresh and fruity. Imagine taking a bag of skittles and pouring a glass of fresh orange juice over them. That's what this smells like. 1/3 of the bubble bar is more than enough to great a really nice, bubbly bath. The water turns a very nice bright, vibrant orange. This was originally released as a part of the Easter collection last year and it's back this year too. I also think it's staying for good which is amazing. I think this might be battling karma for my spot as favourite bubble bar!

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