Week In Photos #63

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Croched blanket / Linlithgow / Walkies / New coathanger
OOTD / Mini haul / Samiversary / Class of 2014 handprints 
Sleepy Batdog / Edinburgh Science Festival / New bookmark / Nosy
Prom dress / Lush bath / Nandos

Hello everyone! I've started doing the 100 happy days challenge so I have so many photos to share! Basically you just upload a photo everyday featuring something that makes you happy and tag it with the hashtag: #100happydays. It's been so much fun so far and I just love clicking the hashtag and scrolling through! 

My Easter holidays have finally started and it feels so weird to say that I have 4 more days left of school. Ever. It's kind of snuck up on me because the last few weeks have just been tests and deadlines nearly every other day so I've not really been thinking about it. I feel like I'm kind of 'done' with high school now and I'm looking forward to going to university and moving out! I can't wait to get started with the new chapter of my life. Also my prom dress has arrived. A few people have asked for a full photo and I will but not until after my prom!

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