Week In Photos #64

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Dog walking / Cosy nights / Lindt bunny
New wool / Hair colour app fun / Pre Higgs Selfie
So Strawberry Caffe / Peter Higgs at the Edinburgh Science Festival / Calgel Manicure

Hello everyone. It's been a really great week. AKA the first week of the Easter holidays. Because I work Saturdays and Sundays, holidays are the only time that I ever get days off so it's been really nice to just chill out and not do anything. I've mainly spent my week crocheting and blogging, it's nice. Also I've gotten so far behind on commenting and reading other blogs because I've just been so busy so it's been great to catch up and leave some comments for some lovely bloggers. 

The highlight of my week has to be going to see Peter Higgs at the Edinburgh Science Festival. If you're not into science then you probably don't really care but he won the Nobel Prize for Phsyics last year for discovering the Higgs Boson. Peter Higgs is so inspirational to me so being in the same room as him was absolutely amazing. Well worth the ticket price. I went with my boyfriend and we went for a meal beforehand. I was going to take him to Clerk's bar because I visited it with some blogging friends recently and thought he'd really like it. However it was really busy so we ended up going to a little Italian called Rigatoni's on South Clerk Street. The decor was quite tacky but the food was cheap and amazing. I had a bacon and black pepper pizza and Stuart had carbonara.

Next week I'm just going to carry on being a total slob and I'm going to see McBusted. Woo hooo. I also have an eye test on Monday. I'm really nervous about it. I'm not due one but I feel like my eyesight has deteriorated a lot so I've booked myself in for one early. However, if there is no noticable change to my prescription then I have to pay £37. I'll probably have to pay a lot more than £37 for a pair of glasses but I think that would feel a lot more justified. So cross your fingers and hope my eyes are bad.

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