What's On My Bedside Table

Tuesday, 29 April 2014
Hello everyone. This is one of those posts that's just going to confuse you if you're not a blogger. Like empties posts. Yup, I'm going to show you what I keep on my bedside table. Why? Just because. I don't really know why but I love reading these posts so thought it was about time I done my own. I also recently did a full room tour if you'd like to see even more!

So I always try to keep something to drink on my bedside table, preferably a bottle of water. I just refill it before I go to bed. I've moved in my sleep far too many times and knocked over a glass so the bottle is the idiot proof option! I keep it on a coaster from Not On The High Street. I love them so much, I'm a total chemistry geek. I don't know why but I hate using the alarms on my phone so I still insist on using a regular alarm clock. I normally keep my phone on my beside table when it's not on charge just so I remember where it is.

I keep all of my unread books on my bedside table as well. Once I've read them I'll put them onto my regular book shelf. It shows how long ago I took these photos because I've read all but two of these now. I've also got my blogging diary on top of the pile. It's from W H Smith. Here I write on each day what blog post is going up and I have a little ticklist for whether I've scheduled the tweets or not. I also have the little purple candle holder. I got this whislt on holiday and I think I've actually used it as a candle holder once. At the moment I keep odds and ends in it to tidy up my bedside table. Earrings, kirby grips, hand cream, bonjela and the cleaning cloth for my glasses.

 I also keep this birthday card that Stuart got me three years ago. It's so cute! But I had to remove it from the photos because my camera kept on trying to focus on the bunny's face and was making my photos all blurry. The body lotion is from Ginger & Co. I'll always keep whatever body lotion/butter I'm using at the moment on my bedside table because it's easy to get to.

When I'm asleep I'll obviously keep my glasses on my bedside table as well but I kind of needed them on to take the photos! And that's it all.

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