Friday, 30 May 2014

End Of Exams Haul

Hello everyone. I finished my exams last Thursday so when Charlotte came to visit on Wednesday we went to the town centre for a little bit of retail therapy. Now Livingston is well known for it's shopping centre but I don't actually get the chance to go properly shopping that often because of school and work. So we headed down for some lunch(Chiquitos enchiladas = nom) and shopping. I'm been feeling a little uninspired with my wardrobe at the moment and wanted to get some nice new summer pieces. Charlotte is such an enabler. I'm pretty sure if you look through my haul tag that most of them were done when she was around!

Primark £13, £10, £13
The first shop we went to was Primark so that we could scope out what was on trend and cheap before buying anything more expensive. I tried on quite a few dresses and these were the few that I came away with. I think the floral ones will be great with sandals during the summer. The navy dress is very typically 'me'. It wouldn't photograph very well  but it's sheer at the top and on the sleeves.

Primark Lint Roller £1.50, Tights £3, Clips £1.50, Earrings £1.50. Internationale Tights £1.
I also decided that I'd buy some more tights as who can have enough tights. As well as some hair clips, earrings and a lint roller. You know how the little things at the queue always get you? Yup. We also went into Internationale. The business is in the process of going into liquidation so everything is really really cheap. I got a pair of the imitation stocking tights for £1.

That's Entertainment, All 6 for £10

There's a new shop opened up in the Designer Outlet called That's Entertainment which has absolutely loads of DVDs. They were so cheap as well. I think me and Charlotte both picked up 6 because the offer was just too good not to. I've seen all of these before but Memoirs Of A Geisha and Marie Antoinette.

Wilkinsins £2
I've wanted a set of silicon cupcake cakes for a while now as they're really handy and can be reused. This set was only £2 so I couldn't say no. Wilkinsons actually have some lovely baking things at the moment. I'd really recommend you check them out.

Lush Ocean Salt £13.25 Enzymion £13.95
A shopping trip isn't complete without some Lush goodies now is it? I ran out of the Enzymion moisturiser a few weeks ago. When I was using it I didn't think it was much help but when I stopped using it I broke out like mad. I grudge spending so much money on  it but my last one lasted 7 months and really helps. Ocean salt was the first product I ever bought from Lush so I fancied repurchasing it for a bit of nostalgia. I went with the new self preserving option as it sounded a little more interesting. I also asked for a sample of the R&B hair moisturiser. I've been thinking about buying this for a while but it's so expensive that I really do want to try before I buy.

Primark £8
I also bought these little flats in Primark. Usually Primark shoes don't fit me well so I was really hapy that these did. I think they're really cute and will be great for just throwing on in the summer months.

Primark £12
I first saw this green skirt on Becky Bedbug and loved it so when I saw it I bought one for myself as well. It's very flowy and is such a lovely colour so I can't wait to wear it.

H&M £3.99

And finally a little basic top from H&M. Jesus. That was a lot. My bank account took a battering that day. I think I'll need to leave it a few weeks to recover!


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