June Goals

Saturday, 31 May 2014
Hello everyone! It's that time again. Time for my monthly goals post. I didn't do as well as I'd hoped to this month but May was a very busy month for me. I had my exams which took up most of my time. However, I did manage to tick off the things that were the most important! I'll have a lot more free time in June so I'm expecting that to be an overall more productive month!

1. Study hard for all of my exams. Duh.
2. Find shoes and a bag for prom.
3. Pay the final deposit on the limo for prom.
4. Read 6 books.
5. Go to South Queensferry with Stuart.
6. Spend one day cleaning for my mum.
7. Check out the mobile library in my new area.
8. Crochet a granny square blanket in baby colours and start on a blanket for myself.
9. Go to the cinema.
10. Take my dog on a walk at least once a day(don't worry, he gets two walks everyday, there are four of us!).


So here are my goals for June:

1. Don't get too stressed out about prom and enjoy myself!
2. Save 40% of my wages.
3. Focus more on my blog and actually make use of all the resources I pin on Pinterest.
4. After prom have a big clear out of the people that I follow on Twitter/am friends with on Facebook and get rid off all the people that I don't really like and don't want to see again.
5. Hopefully host my 1500 follower giveaway.
6. Complete the Race For Life in under 45 minutes.
7. Take a load of books/clothes to the charity shop.
8. Read all the books that are currently in my TBR pile.
9. Start doing work outs every few days.
10. Spend a day in Edinburgh and take lots of lovely photographs.

I'm now on summer break so I have lots and lots of free time to use up. I really want to start taking my blog more seriously and improve the quality of my photographs and writing. Hopefully June is the month!

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