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Friday, 2 May 2014
Hello everyone. As a follow up to my top 5 stand alone novels I'm taking about my favourite series. I didn't want to mention all the popular ones. I don't think anyone else needs to recommend Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Divergent etc etc. They're great series but everyone already knows about them. Here I've tried to pick books that aren't as popular so that hopefully you'll find something new that you've never heard of before. A few of these books are really popular online but in real life? Not so much. Also a little mention here for the The Lewis Trilogy by Peter May which I totally forgot to include!

Anna and the French Kiss by Stepahnie Perkins - This techinically isn't a series. The novels are companion novels so you can read the second book without having read the first books but some of the characters turn up from the first book. I think if you haven't read the first book then you'll miss out a bit. These are really nice contemporary romance novels which I think we all need every now and again. They're also not as cringey as you'd expect. Go on, indulge! Also the 3rd book comes out this summer so now is a good time to start.

The Chaos Walking Trilogy by Patrick Ness - This series, starting with The Knife Of Letting Go, is a sci fi dystopian novel set on another planet. Settlers from earth have flown out to this planet that they thought was uninhabited, when they arrive they realise that there is actually a life form there. The human pick up an infection from them and it leaves the men able to hear each others thoughts and kills off all of the women. Todd is the youngest boy left in the settlement and this series follows his life after he finds a patch of silence. It's actually a really deep series and goes onto discuss a lot of moral issues. All of the books in this series are currently out!

The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer - This series, starting with Cinder, is based on fairy tales. The books all follow a different fairy tale and add their own spin to it. The stories all interlink and it's really cool to watch. Cinder follows Cinderella(duh) and the twist is that she's a part cyborg mechanic. She fixes one of the Prince's robots and he starts to develop a crush on her whilst she is totally not interested. There's also aspects of a 'wicked stepmother' who is trying to overthow Prince Kai. It's such a good book and I raced through them all. There are currently 3 novels and the 4th, and I think final, novel is due to come out in February 2015.

The Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu - This series is set in a dystopian world and is set in a dual narrative. One of the narrators is Day who is a criminal, the other June is the government's child prodigy. I like this as a dystopian novel because it is actually realistic. Sometimes I think the dystopian worlds created in novels are a bit over the top(I'm looking at you Hunger Games) but I could actually see this happening. All of the books in the trilogy are out.

The Mara Dyer Trilogy by Michelle Hodkin - This is a paranormal series that starts with The Evolution Of Mara Dyer. In this novel Mara, is in an accident that kills all of her friends but she can't remember a thing. She moves city to help her deal with the grief but in her new town she starts to see her dead friends all around her. What I like about this series is that you can never tell what's 'real' and what's a 'delusion'. Although be warned. It can be a little creepy at times. The final book is due to be released in November.

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