Week In Photos #67

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Starting a new blanket / My gran's garden / Maths doubts
Pre exam Starbucks/ Kissing my 13 maths jotters good bye / Calgel round 2
Chemistry revision / Blanket / Card games

Hello everyone! Another relatively non-exciting week from me. I had my maths exam on Tuesday. It didn't go very well. Although no one said that it went well which is a little bit reassuring(search 'advanced higher maths' on Twitter and you'll see what I mean). So now I've just been moving on to the chemistry revision. My exam for that is on Monday and after that I've got none until the 22nd which is phsyics. After that I'm scot free. I still haven't found prom shoes or a bag yet. Oops.

On Wednesday I went to see Cirque Du Soleil with my boyfriend and his family at the Hydro. It was an amazing night but they had a very strict no photography rule so I have no photos to show. I think they're touring the UK at the moment. The show was great but I'm not too sure if it was really worth the £56 ticket. Did anyone else see them? What did you think? Stuart went halfers with me on my ticket as his parents bought his but still. It is a lot of money!

Next week I'm planning to just relax after getting my chemistry exam out of the way. There's also a little readathon going on at the moment so I might actually try and finish my library books before their due date. That would be a shocker. There's also a clothing swap going on in Edinburgh on Thursday that I've been invited to. I've included the flyer below.  Anyone interested in coming with. It's in Leith which isn't an area I'm familiar with so I'd like a chum. If you have a blog and you email them then you can go for free so let me know if you fancy going!

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