Week In Photos #68

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Bedtime reading / Throwback / Out for lunch
Horse riding / Shelfie / New phonecase
Personalised JL bag / Crocheted blanket / New Coke

Hello everyone. Another week another Instagram collage. This week has been pretty boring. I haven't actually done much. I had my chemistry exam on Monday which went very well but I've really just been lazing about and unwinding. I started revising last night again as I have my physics exam on Thursday. I feel pretty confident about that so I'm excited to get that out of the way. After that it's just pure summer holiday! Think I'm going to start it off by spending Friday in Edinburgh with some friends. I am very excited to be moving there in September!

Also an explanation of the horse photo. My sister rides and me and my mum went to pick her up and they were all joking at me like 'oh go on Hayley' to have a ride and I said 'I'll get on the horse if my mum gets on the horse' thinking that she wouldn't, she did. Oops. I also found a pair of shoes and a bag for prom(finally). I really want to post photos but I'm kind of trying to keep it a secret so I can't! I promise that when it comes there will be many photos!

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