Crafting With Sugru

Friday, 20 June 2014
Hello everyone. I was recently contacted by the folk over at Sugru asking if I'd be interested in trying out some Sugru* which is dubbed the 'adult playdough'. It's self setting rubber that can be molded like playdough and used to fix things that are broken or improve things. I thought it sounded really interesting so I decided to give it ago. 

Sugru comes in packets of 3 sachets for £6.99 or 8 sachets for £12.99. I think the 8 pack is quite good value for money but the 3 pack is a little over priced! Sugru can stick to almost any material and will set when left over night. There are so many amazing things that you can do with it. If you're interested in getting some ideas you can watch this really great video about it here. But in short, it can be used to make things waterproof, fix fraying cables, add extra grips to things etc etc. It's also heat and cold resistant which is really handy if you wanted to fix pot handles or something.

The packaging is relaly great and gives you so many ideas. There's also a really handy colour chart which shows you how to mix up some colours. Then I first heard about it I instantly thought of my crochet hooks. I bought a really cheap packet of crochet hooks from eBay for about 2 pounds. They're made of coloured aluminium and they are really great but I find that if I work on something for too long then they give me blisters. I decided to use my sugru to 'pimp my hooks'. You can buy crochet hooks with grips on them but they're generally a lot more expensive.

I needed one sachet of Sugru for each hook. I was tempted to try and mix up the colours but for my first use I thought I better play it safe. I flattened each bit of Sugru and then wrapped it around the base of the crochet hook. Then I rolled it between my palms to flatten out any wrinkles. Then after leaving it to set overnight, they were ready to go.

I really like the addition of the Sugru. It's very soft and making crocheting a lot easier on my hands. The thing is, it has a really strong chemical smell. I first noticed it when I had just opened the packets, I thought this would go away as I used it but it's still there after it's set. It's not too strong anymore but as I use these a lot it transfers onto my hands.

I would recommend Sugru but maybe not for anything that you'll be touching a lot! It can be bought online at Amazon or in person in shops like Wilkos and B&Q.

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