Happy Birthday Batdog

Wednesday, 25 June 2014
Yesterday was the most important man in my life's birthday. What no? Not my boyfriend's birthday, don't be stupid. Batdog's birthday. Yes. Little Batdog. Yesterday he turned 2 which I believe is 14 in dog years. He's no longer a little puppy! If you're new to Water Painted Dreams then you won't know the story of how Batdog(or Sam) came into your lives. Last Easter Sunday I came home from work and was told that my Easter chocolate was in the kitchen. Instead of the egg that I was expecting, I was met by a very excitable 10 month old chocolate Labrador. My parent's had adopted him from a couple who didn't have the time for him. When they went to pick him up they discovered that he'd been left in a cage in the garage whilst they worked really long shifts. It was a little bit heartbreaking. It's hard to imagine that when we first got him, he didn't even recognise the word 'walk' and now he gets at least 3 walks a day.

I spend a lot more time than I really should wondering what Sam would say to me if he could. I like to believe that he genuinely is a lot happier here. I love seeing his little face in the morning. Even when he decides he's going to be a wee arsehole(still very often) I can't help but stay mad at him for too long. All the rules that we first had when we got him have gone out the window. He's allowed to sleep in the human beds, gets more human treats than he probably should and everyone in the family welcomes big slobbery kisses. Unless you've actually had a dog, it's hard to understand how quickly a dog becomes part of the family. It's only been about 14 months since we got Sam but none of us could imagine life without him. I'm moving out in September and I'm absolutely gutted that I'll have to leave him behind.

So yesterday he got spoilt. I bought him a stuffed meerkat and a new packet of tennis balls. The meerkat lasted about 10 minutes before the eyes and half of the stuffing got ripped out. I'm taking this as a compliment. Then after an extra long nightime walkies, he got fed too many biscuits and happily went to sleep on the sofa. I don't think he quite realises that it was his birthday, but I think he had a great day.

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