June Degustabox

Saturday, 28 June 2014
So I received my June Degustabox in the mail on Wednesday and I hate to say it but, I'm really disappointed with this box. I feel like there's a lot less in this box than there was in the May box and that personally they aren't items that I'm going to use. I've decided to cancel my subscription. This box cost £12.99 and I feel like it's been a total waste of money. I need to be saving for moving out and I can't afford to be buying these boxes if they're all going to be like this. In last month's box there were 11 different things in the box. This month there were 8 items, 1 that was in last months box and two alcoholic drinks I'm not fussed about.

There was a big old box of Bear Alpha Bites Multigrain Cereal Letters(£2.69) which I was actually quite excited about. These are pretty tasty. They remind me of another cereal that I've tried before but I can't put my finger on what cereal that is. I would buy these again.

The drinks section of this box was where I had the big issue. First off there's a bottle of Strawberry Lambrini(£3.29) and when I first saw this I thought 'Are you serious?!'. I'm sorry but when I see Lambrini I instantly think of people getting drunk underage in underpasses. I wasn't aware that this was something that people that are actually of age drink. I'll try this the next time I'm having drinks with friends but really, I'm not expecting much. There's also a can of Estrella Damm(£4.00) which is a Spanish lager. First off, £4.00 for that tiny little can? No. I gave this to my stepdad because I don't drink beer and he said is was 'alright'. Just alright. I feel like this was such a let down and it probably took up a lot of the budget for the box. If this wasn't there they could have included something a lot better if you ask me. And then there were two bottles of Be Fast(£1.00 each). I got one strawberry and one banana bottle. I've drunk the banana bottle and really enjoyed it. They're supposed to be a breakfast replacement but I've just had them as a drink, I don't think this would make me feel as full as actually eating a meal.

There was a packet of the Elizabeth Shaw Amaretto Flutes(£2.59) which were really nice but there was a packet of the dark chocolate flutes in last month's box so nothing new. I was really excited by the Dr Oetker Madagascan Vanilla Grinder(£4.99) because I use a lot of vanilla when baking. It's like a salt grinder but for vanilla sticks. I find vanilla sticks so hard to cut up so I'm hoping this will be really nice and easy. And another great thing was the Urban Fruit Dried Mango(£1.09). I love dried fruit so I started eating this as soon as I took the photos. delicious.

I was also happy to see a packet of Veetee EggFried Rice(£1.49) as I've had a few people recommend Veetee rices to me before. I haven't tried it yet but I'm expecting to like it.

What do you think of this box? Please tell me I'm not over reacting and that it is a bit crap!

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