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Saturday, 14 June 2014
Hello everyone. I've seen a few other bloggers mentioning Degustabox for a few months now and they seemed really interesting. An ad sense ad showed a 50% off promo code which I used to get my first box for £6.49 instead of £12.99. Basically it's a food and drink subscription box. I used to be subscribed to Crafty Creatives, which I really liked but eventually cancelled because I never ended up using everything. I thought that I'd get a lot more use out of the things in a Degustabox and it would push me into cooking more and being a little bit more experimental.

There was a big bottle of Cirio passata and tomato puree. I thought it was a bit weird that they included both to be honest but I guess they'll get used so I can't complain. I think I'm going to post a recipe soon for a pasta bake using the passata. And a big bag of Garofalo Elicoidali pasta. I still haven't eaten this yet but I'm sure that it'll be good. Isn't all pasta?!

 Now onto the fun bit. Two bottles of Hornsby's cider. One apple and one pear with strawberry and lime. I had the strawberry and lime one as my prom pre drink. It was lovely and really refreshing. I'm sure the apple one will be just as lovely. And a can of Cawston Press Cloudy Apple. This is 70% fresh cloudy apple juice and then topped up with sparkling water. This wasn't too fizzy. I kept it in the fridge all day and it was so crisp and refreshing. I would definitely buy it again.

There was a big bag of the Kettle Sweet Chilli Sweet Potato Chips. These were delicious. I think they lasted about two days in my house. I love sweet potato so these crisps were the bomb. Sweet chilli isn't the first flavour I'd go to for a bag of crisps but these surprised me. The Elizabeth Shaw Dark Chocolate Flutes were absolutely gorgeous. Think plain dark chocolate match makers. Mmmmm. 3 or 4 of these were the perfect little after dinner treat. I would definitely buy these again. I was a little disappointed when I saw the Raw Chewing Gum just because I don't chew gum but this has pleasantly surprised me. I don't know what flavour it is because it doesn't say but it's quite fruity, I really like it!

I wasn't too ecstatic to see the Taylor's Blackberry & Elderflower Tea as I'm not really a tea drinker. It tastes ok as iced tea but nothing that I'm too crazy about. I'm going to take this with me when I move out and hope that one of my flatmates likes it. I was excited to try the On The Go Liz's Granola. You're supposed to add water to it and it makes milk but I'm not overly keen on milk so I poured mine over some yoghurt and mixed it in. This is lovely! I would be really interested in buying some without the dried milk powder in it. And finally the Dr Oetker Cake Release Spray, I was so excited when I seen this! I love to bake but I'm terrible at greasing baking trays. This is basically just oil in a can but it's so easy to use and makes baking something so much quicker. It's a bit of a gimmick and I'm not sure if I'd actually buy it but I'll definitely use it whilst I've got it.

Overall, I was quite impressed with my first Degustabox and I'm excited for my next one!

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