Thursday, 12 June 2014

My Fictional Bucket List Tag

Hello everyone. I saw this tag on Bee's blog absolutely ages ago and now I'm finally getting round to doing it. I absolutely love Bee's blog so if you aren't already a follower then I recommend that you head on over and click that follow button! This is the fictional bucket list tag. Have you ever been reading a book and thought, I wish I could do that? Well that's what this tag is all about. These are all the things I'd love to do:

Go to Hogwarts like in Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone.
Visit the night circus like in The Night Circus.
Party with Gatsby like in The Great Gatsby.
Visit Shakespeare & Co in Paris like in Anna And The French Kiss.
Take care of Uncle Monty's reptiles like in The Reptile Room.
Spend a Tuesday at Morrie's like in Tuesdays With Morrie.
Learn to speak fluent Scots Gaelic like in The Black House.
Run a lifestyle blog as a full time job like in Adorkable(almost there).

I don't really want to tag anyone specifically so if you'd like to do this tag then I tag you! If you do it then send me a link and I'll link it at the bottom of the post! What are the things you've always wanted to do?

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